Newest Speed Queen Machines

$9.50 For 100 Lb washer.
$2.75 for 20 Lb washer.
$4.50 for 40 Lb washer.
$5.50 for 60 Lb washer !!

Wash, Dry and Fold

Don't have time to wash & fold your clothes?
Not a problem, we will take care of that for you!
Only $1.25/ Lb

Children's Area

Keep your children entertained while they wait! We have the perfect area for children to read, play, or use their electronics.

Unipeople | Follow on Instagram: @timmossholderby Tim Mossholder

Restroom Facilities

Doing laundry takes time, that's why we are equipped with restrooms for our customers to use.

white concrete buildingby Alexandre Lecocq

Air Conditioned

Winter Or Summer? You don't have to worry, our location is well equipped for any season or weather. Adjusted to comfortable temperature to make you forget what it even feels like outside.

FREE WIFI – let's connect. Made with Leica R7 (1994) and Summicron-R 2.0 35mm (1978). Hi-Res analog scan by: – Kodak SO-553 100 (expired 2003)by Markus Spiske

Free Wifi

We Understand how busy life can be, so we provide you with free WIFI to stay connected  while waiting for your laundry to finish.